Duty with Honour

All Canadian Forces (CF) members contribute to earning the confidence, respect and trust of Canadians by becoming effective leaders of the institution and its people. Effective leadership is a core military capability.

The primary objective of all CF leaders is mission success, but to achieve that success requires leaders to balance competing demands and priorities, often under extreme conditions. The document Leading People provides in-depth guidance upon which CF military professionals can build and shape their leader skills and techniques to direct, enable and motivate their followers in the successful achievement of the very wide range of tasks assigned. From day-to-day duty on our bases to domestic operations and humanitarian aid to combat, Leading People provides the necessary tools to achieve mission success while caring for our people before, during and after operations.

Canadian Forces leaders at all levels are responsible for attaining and sustaining the necessary level of CF effectiveness. Canadian Forces effectiveness is defined in the document Leadership in the Canadian Forces: Doctrine in terms of four outcomes: the primary outcome of Mission Success, and the three enabling outcomes of Member Well-Being and Commitment, Internal Integration, and External Adaptability. All four outcomes are bonded together by virtue of the Canadian Military Ethos, described in the document Duty with Honour: The Profession of Arms in Canada, which shapes the conduct of leaders as they pursue those outcomes.