The Canadian Forces (CF) is the name of an umbrella organization that covers three elements: the Navy, the Army and the Air Force. Each partner looks after issues that come up in, or on, one of our planet's main environments - the Sea, Land and Air - and some jobs in the Forces offer variety. For example, a Navy cook might be employed in an Army unit; or a clerk in the Air Force could sail on a Navy ship. We're all part of the same team.
Members of the Canadian Forces have distinguished themselves, and served their country, in two World Wars, Korea, the Persian Gulf, in peacekeeping roles with the United Nations and here at home with the floods on the Saguenay and Red Rivers and the Ice Storm. Our team has history…. a tradition of excellence. We're in demand around the world. It's exciting. It's important and we make a difference.

Regular or Reserve Force


Members also serve either full-time in the Regular Force or part-time in the Reserves. Members of the Regular Force have adopted a way-of-life that offers exciting challenges, teaches new skills and provides unlimited career possibilities. Members of the Reserves are part-time Military personnel who get a sense of what it might be like to pursue a Military career, without making a long-term commitment.



When you join the Regular Force, you are signing on for several years of service. The CF offersl "Terms of Service" of different lengths. The length of the Variable Initial Engagement (VIE) varies from military occupation to occupation depending upon the needs of each occupation and the training time required for that occupation. The VIE ranges in length from three to nine years, not including subsidized training or education. If you continue your military career, this initial engagement can be followed by an Indefinite Period of Service or a Continuing Engagement.
Our commitment to you is to provide high quality training, professional development and challenging employment.
Non-Commissioned Members
The Non-Commissioned Member (NCM) is the backbone of the military. NCMs start out as recruits and are then trained to do specific occupations in the CF. Some are trained as technicians to keep the equipment repaired; some are operators that use specific and complicated electrical and mechanical equipment; and some are users of general equipment. There are 73 NCM occupations available in the CF. Your training will be specific for the occupation in which you are enrolled. To be eligible you should have at least grade 10 or Secondary III (Quebec) and be a Canadian citizen (Landed Immigrants may apply to the Reserves). More education is better: high school diploma is preferred. There are NCMs in the Regular Force and the Reserves. For more information contact or visit your local recruiting office and discuss your options with a recruiter. Please call: 1-800-856-8488.
The Officer is a leader. From the first day, officers are trained to be responsible for a group of people. They oversee the sailors, soldiers or air personnel in the conduct of their activities - this could be on a base or on board a ship. You could serve in Canada or overseas. We have 32 officer careers in the CF. The educational requirements to be eligible to apply as an officer are higher than those of the Non-Commissioned Member. To be eligible to be an officer you must be a Canadian citizen and either possess the required level of university or enrol under the Regular Officer Training Plan. There are officers in the Regular Force and the Reserves. For more information contact or visit your local recruiting office and discuss your options with a recruiter. Please call: 1-800-856-8488.

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