How to Join  

The Canadian Forces offer unskilled and skilled jobs open to both men and women. Our selection procedures attempt to ensure that those who are enrolled are suited for both the military and the occupation to which they are assigned.

Summary of the steps to join the Canadian Forces:

  1. Make sure that you meet the basic eligibility requirements
  2. Apply online, in person or by mail
  3. If pre-selected, you will be submitted to the electronic Canadian Forces Aptitude Test
  4. You will be submitted to a thorough medical examination
  5. An Enhanced Reliability Check will be conducted
  6. You will be interviewed by a career counsellor
  7. If a selection offer is made and accepted, there will be an enrolment ceremony to welcome you in the military family.
  • Regular Force. You will be tested for physical fitness early during Basic training. The Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School is responsible for assessing physical fitness.
  • Reserve Force. Contact your local unit for more information.
  • Physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle are promoted in the Canadian Forces. The Physical Fitness Guide and fitness test video in the Related Media section on the right are available for applicants wishing to self-evaluate and increase their physical fitness level.

Find detailed information in our Related Media section on the right.

Basic Eligibility Requirements Top

To be eligible for consideration for the Canadian Forces, you must meet the following minimal conditions:

  • be a Canadian citizen;
    • Citizens of another country who have landed immigrant (Permanent Resident) status in Canada may also be considered for enrolment when the CF has need of their skill, when the position cannot be filled by a Canadian citizen, and if the national interest would not be prejudiced. However, only under exceptional circumstances will authority be granted to enrol a citizen of another country.

  • be 17 years of age (with parental/guardian consent) or older;
    • junior level Military College applicants must be 16 years of age;
    • you may be enrolled in the Reserves providing you are 16 years of age;

  • meet the minimum education requirements for your entry plan and/or occupation;
    • this can vary from Grade 10 (Sec III in Quebec) for combat arms occupations to a university degree for the Direct Entry Officer entry plan.
How to Apply Top

The easiest way to join the Canadian Forces is to apply online. If you are unable to or would rather not apply online, you have 2 alternatives.

The first is to apply in person at your local recruiting centre (if you are applying to the Regular Force for a full-time occupation) or to the Reserve unit of your choice (if you are applying to the Reserve Force for a part-time occupation). You will be provided with the various forms to be filled out and the list of required supporting documents. For the location of the recruiting centres and Reserve units, consult the Contact Us section of this site or call our toll-free number 1 800 856-8488.

The second alternative is to apply by mail. You will need to complete and submit the following forms:

You will also need to provide the following documents:

  • Birth certificate (and those of your family members, if applicable)
  • Citizenship card (if applicable)
  • Original transcript for your level of education (university, college, high school)
  • Proof of trades or qualifications (if applicable)

IN ADDITION to the above-mentioned forms, certain occupations and entry plans require specific forms:

If you are applying to the Naval Technician Training Plan (NTTP), you must complete and submit:

If you are applying to the ROTP or RETP entry plan, you must complete and submit:

For the location of the recruiting centres and Reserve units, consult the Contact Us section of this site or call our toll-free number 1 800 856-8488.

Information Guides

The following guides can help you complete some of the forms: