Full time CF members receive quality training before embarking on an exciting career with advancement opportunities. While some benefits are specific to certain entry plans and careers, the following can be enjoyed by all CF members.
For benefits enjoyed by members of the Reserve Force, consult the document Benefits.

Competitive Wages


Your pay in the Canadian Forces is based on your occupation and rank. All service personnel, men and women, married or single, are paid on the same scale. Your pay will automatically be deposited into your bank account of a financial institution of your choice, on the 15th and the last day of each month. The usual deductions will be made for income taxes, Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance and Superannuation (the Forces Pension).
In addition, you should consult your nearest recruiter to find out if some signing bonuses apply to your situation.
Presently, the salary range is roughly as follows for most jobs:

  • Regular Force (Full Time Employment)


Start: $42K/yr

After 5 Yrs: $66K/yr

Non-commissioned member:

Start: $30K/yr

After 5 Yrs: $50K/yr

  • Reserve Force (Part Time Employment)


Start: $92/day

After 2 Yrs: $153/day

Non-commissioned member:

Start: $78/day

After 2 Yrs: $117/day

For latest pay rates, see Directorate of Pay Policy Development.
Incentives for Military Doctors and Dentists
In addition to existing recruiting bonuses for physicians of $225,000 (for a 4-year commitment) or $80,000 (for a 2-year commitment, renewable with a $100,000 bonus) and for dentists of $25,000, new pay improvements are in place:

  • A 2.0% pay increase;
  • A Special Military Medical Officer Differential of $13,512 per year for members of the Regular Force and $17 per day for members of the Reserve Force; and
  • A Special Military Dental Officer Differential of $8,352 per year for members of the Regular Force and $17 per day for members of the Reserve Force.

Since such initiatives began in 1999, medical and dental officers have received significant salary increases; for instance, the pay of a medical Captain at Incentive Pay Level 5 increased from $ 88,704 to $ 159,948, an 80 % increase. These pay improvements established comparability for medical and dental officers with the net earnings of physicians and dentists in private practice.
More about Military Doctors.



Regular Force personnel receive 20 working days of annual vacation leave until the completion of 5 years of service. After 5 years of service, annual leave is increased to 25 working days per year and continues to increase depending on years of service. Members of the Reserve Force are entitled to one working day for each 15 consecutive days of service, to a maximum of 24 working days in a leave year. Vacation can be requested at any time, depending on training and operational requirements."

Medical & Dental Care


Regular Force personnel receive medical and dental care from the time of enrolment to their release date. Reserve Force personnel are covered during specified periods of eligibility based on duty status. CF personnel may also take advantage of the coverage available for their families through the Public Service Health Care Plan and the CF Dental Care Plan.
Comprehensive Medical Care
Services will include:

  • Physician Services
  • Hospital Services
  • Ambulance Services
  • Addiction Counselling and Treatment
  • Social Work Services
  • Out-Patient Diagnostic Services
  • Rehabilitation Care
  • Home Care
  • Long Term Care Facilities
  • Health Practitioner Benefits

In addition to the comprehensive coverage, supplemental health care benefits will include:

  • CF Drug Benefits
  • Vision Care Benefits
  • Miscellaneous Expense Benefits

Comprehensive Dental Care
This care consists of emergency care, primary or routine care provided by general practitioners, and secondary care provided by specialists.
Eligible dental services include:

  • diagnostic services
  • preventive services
  • periodontal services
  • restorative services - minor
  • restorative services - major
  • prosthodontic services - minor
  • prosthodontic services - major
  • orthodontic services - minor
  • orthodontic services - major
  • endodontic services
  • surgical services
  • adjunctive general services

However, for eligible CF members, major restorative, prosthodontic and surgical services are usually limited to members with three or more than three years of completed service; and sufficient time remaining in their current terms of service to complete the procedures and the required follow-up. Major orthodontic services are limited to the treatment of a functional disability related to malocclusion.
For details on medical and dental care provided to military personnel and their dependants, see Canadian Forces Health Services.



Your pension plan is designed to provide you with a retirement income on completion of your military career. In the event of your death, the plan provides an income for your survivor and eligible children. The plan is basically a service purchase plan. This means that the more pensionable service you acquire under the plan, the greater your benefits when you retire.
If you are a member of the Regular Force, you will start to build up pension credits immediately upon your enrolment. All the service for which you contribute will be included in your pensionable service credits at retirement.
For details, see Directorate of Pensions and Social Programs.

Parental Leave


The purpose of parental benefits is to facilitate: the care and nurturing of the child by both parents, whether biological or adoptive; and a period of bonding between parents and their child.
To ensure recruitment, employment and retention of suitably qualified women and men, the CF, as an employer of choice, will provide maternity and parental benefits that assist both female and male members to balance the demands of military service with family responsibilities associated with the birth or adoption of their children.
The CF provide eligible members with time away from their military duties and compensation to care for their newborn or adopted children free from undue financial or duty-related concerns.
These benefits support policies of: gender equity by encouraging both parents to share family responsibilities; and employment equity by encouraging the recruitment and retention of women.
For details, see Maternity/Parental Benefits.

Domestic Travel & Family Benefits


CF members and their families are entitled to various domestic travel and family-care related benefits. These benefits are tocompensate them when they travel, become separated from their family and/or to assist them in compassionate situations.

Personnel Support


The Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency (CFPSA) is made up of several components: Personnel Support Programs (PSP), CANEX (Canadian Forces Exchange) and SISIP (Service Income Security Insurance Plan).
PSP is responsible for a variety of programs designed to support the military community, including sports and fitness programs, family support programs, and programs to assist deployed forces.
CANEX provides consumer shopping facilities on each base/wing/unit and SISIP offers life insurance and financial services to personnel.
CFPSA customers include environmental chiefs of staff, group principals and base/wing/unit commanders, Regular Force personnel, Reserve Forces, retired and/or former military personnel, military families, veterans, DND public and non-public employees and others. It is recognized that the well-being of the family is a key factor in ensuring the effectiveness of the military member.The Canadian Forces recognizes the contributions and sacrifices made by families and the difficulties that our members face in balancing commitment to country with family life.
Furthermore, dramatic changes in the structure, composition and function of Canadian families are acknowledged. The Canadian Forces is committed to developing and implementing policy and program initiatives that will enable members and their families to effectively respond to the stresses associated with military life and better balance the often-conflicting demands of work and family.
For details, see Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency and CF Families.

Continuing Education Subsidies


The Department of National Defence has long recognized that Canadian Forces (CF) employment presents many challenges not normally seen in the civilian environment. Several programs attempt to address these challenges by offering opportunities for continuing education, recognition for military training and experience, and career transition services.
Recently, the CF has unveiled a new Regular Force education reimbursement (ER) program, a new Primary Reserve education reimbursement program, and a Skills Completion Program for the Regular Force.
The ER for the Regular Force program support education upgrading for members of the Regular Force and provides eligible members, not covered under other programs, 100 percent reimbursement for courses towards a diploma or university degree in a subject area determined to be in the interests of the CF.
The Primary Reserve ER program support education upgrading for members of the Primary Reserve and provides a lifetime limit of $8 000 for education upgrading for Primary Reservists of all ranks, including advanced degree studies.
The Skills Completion Program (SCP) assists Regular Force members with non-transferable military skills in their transition to civilian life. It provides up to $5,000 to upgrade the education and/or accredit the skills of selected members of the Regular Force, particularly non-commissioned members in military occupations with no direct civilian application. It continues for up to two years after a member is released.
In addition to Regular Force ER and the SCP, a wide variety of other ER programs remain in place for members of the Regular Force seeking to upgrade their education. These include the Initial Degree Program (full- and part-time) for Regular Force officers offering 100 percent reimbursement, and the Advanced Degree (part-time) program for selected Regular Force officers offering up to $25,000 for those not previously subsidized.
Subsidized education plans remain unaffected by the changes. Details on the latter can be found in the Entry Plans section of the site.

Language Training


In addition to providing CF members with Second Language Training, the Director of Military Family Services has announced an initiative to offer it as well to Military Family Spouses.
CF members are sometimes posted to areas where an ability to communicate in the other official language is critical. In these circumstances, a unilingual spouse suffers hardship in terms of employment, support services, and social interaction.
Providing conversational second-language instruction will improve the spouse's integration into the community, help make the spouses feel more comfortable in their new environment, and assist in employment potential.

Relocation Benefits


The Government of Canada has introduced a new employee relocation program for members of the Canadian Forces and of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
The program increases the scope of relocation services available to relocated employees. It allows employees greater flexibility in the selection of services that better responds to their needs and those of their family members while assuring that core elements of a move are provided as basic coverage.
It also simplifies the administration of the relocation process. The Post Living Differential (PLD) is a new allowance aimed at stabilizing the cost of living of CF members and their families when relocated to high cost locations in Canada.
For details, see Travel and Removal.

Sports and Fitness


Activities range from league sports competing between CF bases and within the community such as fastball, hockey, soccer and many more. Most bases have a swimming pool, gymnasium and sports field. Some have skating rinks, curling clubs, ski hills and golf courses. There are lots of things to do on base and lots of people to do them with.
For details, see Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency.
Latest Canadian Forces Sports News Information

And the CF sports awards winners are...

It was a gala worth waiting for. The best, most physically fit members of the CF gathered on the edge of their seats November 17 in Ottawa to find out who had won the coveted prizes in the CF Sports Awards, hosted and presented by the Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency (CFPSA).

Petawawa Stags capture sixth straight national soccer title

Despite being busy training and deploying hundreds of soldiers. CFB Petawawa has once again made CF sports history. The CFB Petawawa Stags have pulled off their sixth straight national soccer title, beating the Moose Jaw Prairie Flyers at the CF National Soccer Championship.

One of the top Runners the Forces has ever seen

Find a treadmill, set it to 11 miles per hour and run 26.2 miles.That is five minutes and 30 seconds per mile pace he maintained to set the CF and Nova Scotia Marathon record in 1980.

So, you’d like to play at Angus Glen?

At most golf courses, an air horn or a public address system is used to signal a shotgun start, which is a round or tournament where competitors all begin play simultaneously from different tees around the course.

Running in Washington

For the past 23 years, the Army Ten-Miler has drawn thousands of runners from around the world to the streets of Washington, D.C. making it the largest 10-miler in the US and second largest in the world. The race has become an annual rite of passage of the fall season.

CF sports awards: Hall of fame inductees

The best of the best in CF sports and fitness will gather in Ottawa for the annual CF Sports Awards Ceremony on November 17. This week, we would like to highlight the achievements of those outstanding CF athletes who will be inducted into the CF Sports Hall of Fame.

ANA team takes home bronze; thanks Canada and India for chance to compete

There’s a blanket of dragonflies flitting above the soccer pitch. It’s almost as if they’re taunting the “footballers” flying just above their reach in an endless dance.

Sailors run across Manitoba for charity

The “Sailors on the Run” team of 20 from HMCS Winnipeg flew to Manitoba on October 21 for a week-long namesake city visit to raise awareness about the Navy, talk about their ship and raise money for the ship’s charity, the Firefighters’ Burn Fund.

India hosts 4th MWG: CF members see strong competition amid sights and sounds

There’s a constant din from morning to night. A hum in the city of nearly six million that is at once near deafening and strangely calming. Perhaps it’s the mix of “horning”—the frenetic use of horns on cars and trucks of every shape and size— mingled with the call to prayer.

India welcomes the world; CF members experience all the MWG has to offer

She was a few lanes down—a gold medalist at the 2004 Summer Olympics. And Romanian Camelia Potec handily won gold again in the women’s 200 m freestyle at the 4th Military World Games (4th MWG).

Pushing through! A DND employee takes gold

Dwain Blair, chief clerk of the orderly room, ADM(Mat), remains focussed when he makes his way to the centre of the ring. There is only one thing on his mind: destroy his opponent.

CF sports awards finalists: Honour roll

The best of the best in CF sports and fitness will gather in Ottawa for the annual CF Sports Awards Ceremony on November 17. This week, we would like to highlight the achievements of those outstanding CF athletes whose names will be added to the CF Sports Honour Roll.

A stacked team of sorts…

So there we were at the finish line, smiling, soaked with sweat, and sucking back water like we hadn’t had any in days. Exhausted and encased in Sinai sand, our five-member team stood proudly while an official verified that we still carried all of the required equipment—ID, ROE card, tactical vest, full water canteen, field dressing, toggle rope, weapon and magazines.

CF Sports Awards finalists: Teams

The best of the best in CF sports and fitness will gather in Ottawa November 17 for the annual CF Sports Awards Ceremony. This week, we would like to highlight the achievements of some of those athletes—the nominees for CF Team of the Year.

CF sports awards finalists: Officials

The best of the best in CF sports and fitness will gather in Ottawa next month for the annual CF Sports Awards Ceremony on Saturday, November 17. This week, we would like to highlight the achievements of the nominees for CF Official of the Year.

CF slo-pitch athletes shine at the CF National Sports Centre

From September 8 to 12, the CF Men’s and Women’s Slo- Pitch National Championships were held on the dusty ball diamonds of the CF National Sports Centre at CFB Borden. Teams from all five regions competed in the action packed round-robin style tournament.

Opening ceremonies

Members of team Canada enter the stadium for the Oath-taking Ceremony of the 4th International Military Sports Council (CISM) Military World Games (MWG) held at Mumbai, India, October 14. Mumbai will host two of the most technical events— triathlon and sailing with the remainder events being held in Hyderabad.

CF sports awards finalists: Coaches of the Year

The best of the best in CF sports and fitness will gather in Ottawa next month for the annual CF Sports Awards Ceremony on November 17.

Adventure training takes Reservists to new heights

Hiking 25 kilometres in two days is a challenge, especially when you do it while crossing difficult mountain terrain with a full pack on your back.

Death race not for the fair at heart

This year became a year of uncertainty for the annual 1 Brigade Mountain Man event. The operational tempo and pending Exercises DESERT RAM and MAPLE GUARDIAN made running the Mountain Man event at the end of August unachievable. In its place the Brigade headquarters would sponsor unit teams for the Canadian Death Race.

We’re going to be playing – who?

Afghan women have only been able to play soccer in their country for the past six years, which made having the chance to play against them historic and exciting for the ISAF women.

Let it blow, let it blow, let it blow…

In Canada, fall brings brightly coloured forests and blowing winds that send leaves spiralling to the ground before winter. However, four members of Canada’s team to the 4th Military World Games (4MWG) to be held in India, October 14-21,hope that the season will bring steady breezes and favourable winds.

ParaRescue takes silver

Three CF search and rescue technicians, under the team name “ParaRescue”, recently competed in the Canadian National Parachuting Championships at Skydive Burnaby near Fort Erie, Ont. Hailing from 424 and 435 Search and Rescue Squadrons, Sergeant Lee Bibby (demonstrator), Sgt Glenn Hood (cameraman) and Corporal Eric Dinn (demonstrator) competed against parachutists from the across the country to bid for a position on the national team.

CF sports awards finalists: Female athletes

The best of the best in CF sports and fitness will gather in Ottawa next month for the annual CF Sports Awards Ceremony on November 17.

Run 4 Wishes a success in P.E.I.

HMCS Charlottetown recently participated in the fifth annual Run 4 Wishes campaign in Prince Edward Island, raising over $32 000 for the Children’s Wish Foundation.

Loose with the moose

“Taking your bones to the next limit” was the motto of the inaugural 9 Wing Adventure “Loose with the Moose Challenge” on September 21. This event is the premiere fundraising event for 9 Wing’s support to the Central Northeast Health Foundation and helped raise over $2 200 for the Foundation.

CF sports awards finalists: Male athletes

The best of the best in CF sports and fitness will gather in Ottawa next month for the annual CF Sports Awards Ceremony on November 17.

The 4MWG medical team walks the talk

Prevention is the best medicine A lot of preparation and planning goes into sending a CF sports contingent halfway around the globe. Dr. Ménard’s team is an active participant in the process.

Eleven weeks of training finally makes sense

Recently, 30 students on the first serial of the of Common Army Phase (CAP) course conducted at Land Force Atlantic Area Training Centre, (LFAA TC) Detachment Aldershot participated in the first Creighton Cup Challenge.

CF firefighter shatters record at national firefighting competition

CF firefighter Master Corporal Darren Van Zandbergen from CFB Borden, has shattered a CF record and set a new personal best at the gruelling Scott Firefit championship in Halifax, Nova Scotia, known as “the toughest two minutes in sports”.

Tailor-made track put through its paces

The 31st Legion National Track and Field Championships were held at CFB Gagetown August 6 to 12. This sporting event brought together 13 to 17 year olds from across the country, for the only national championship of this scope in Canada for young athletes.

Mountain climbing on top of Canada

We kept going up and the others kept coming down. Of the 85 people who attempted Canada’s highest peak, only six successfully summated, a three-man team from the UK and our team.

Atlantic region golden after win over Quebec

As another ball hockey season wraps up, the Atlantic Region returns home from CFB Borden as the CF National Ball Hockey Champions.

Never give up: the long road to Birmingham, England

A picture is worth a thousand words. Arms are raised skyward and the muscles relax and tense again, before the flood of welcome relief that comes with a job well done.

CF swim team ready to take on 4MWG

In October, when the cool fall air signals the end of the summer and winter is just around the corner, 15 Canadian swimmers will be readying themselves to take on a very special challenge.

Competition tests real warrior skills

Other than being very afraid of his wife’s ability to throw an axe, when she participated in the medieval opening ceremonies of the military skills competition, Colonel Chris Argent and his teams were at the top of their game.

Volleyball, Afghan-style

Any hope that the Canadians had for even a close game were dashed early by strong play from the Afghan side.

A true CF team at the Bisley

Drawn from Canadian Navy, Army and Air Force units across the country, the CF Combat Shooting Team, met for the first time at Bisley June 12 to form the 11-man and one-woman Canadian Team.

Cycling across Canada for the CDS military families fund

With a ceremonial dip in the ocean of his bicycle tire, Lieutenant-Commander Jean Marcotte, a public affairs officer for the Chief of Reserves and Cadets, will be spending his summer navigating Canadian highways on a personal challenge. His cause—the Chief of the Defence Staff Military Families Fund.

Making his mark

Bench pressing 400 lbs sounds very impressive, but add the fact that the person doing the lifting only weighs 176 lbs—now that’s impressive.

Marching for a cause

In support of the Canadian Cancer Society, CWO Keith Jones, 1 Engineering Support Unit, recently completed a 100 km fundraising march.

CISM volleyball players look forward to stiff competition at MWG: “The bigger, the better”

Her next-door neighbour or a member of an Olympic team—it doesn’t matter who she faces across the volleyball net, she just wants to win.

Oops-He did it again...

Yet again, Major Bruce Barteaux has come away as the victor in a gruelling, long-distance road race. This time, the Royal Military College (RMC) class of 78 grad, returned to his old stomping grounds at RMC on June 9 to compete in the Ontario Ultra Series 15th Annual Self Transcendence Six Hour Run.

Fitness rules at Combat Challenge team selection camp

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say 16 CF/DND firefighters set a new standard in their sport considering they have just completed a gruelling week at Firefighter Combat Challenge Training Camp in Alberta.