The Rocky Mountain Rangers have a long and proud history in the Kamloops area. As of 2008, they have been in existance for one hundred years. Throughout the past century, the regiment has witnessed some remarkable changes within itself, and the members have had the opportunity to play important roles in nearly all of the historical moments that have occured.

The regiment finds its roots in the creation of a number of independent rifle companies in the Kooteney area, and in the interior of British Columbia in 1898. These rifle companies joined to form The Rocky Mountain Rangers in the beginning of the twentieth century. By the second decade of the 1900's, the regiment had it's headquarters in Kamloops, and could boast a band, an armoury, an extensive number of soldiers, and a prominent position in the Kamloops community. The Rocky Mountain Rangers have sent men to the Boer War, World War One and Two, and to the Korean conflict. In more recent times, members of the regiment have participated in Canada's peacekeeping missions all over the world.

One of the most crucial elements in a military regiment is the maintenance of esprit de corps among its members. When soldiers possess a strong feeling of comaraderie, it generates pride, effectiveness, and enthusiasm for the regiment to which the soldier belongs. One way of doing that is by relating the history of their regiment. Knowing the history of local regiments is also a way for the local community to learn more about those that answer the call to duty on their behalf, and allows them to be proud that their community has a part to play in the defence of their country, and the advocation of peace across the world.

This page will cover the history of the Rocky Mountain Rangers from its beginnings, through its duties during war and peacekeeping, into the future. You will share the regiment's triumphs over adversity, its sorrows at members that have died in the line of duty, and the laughter that soldiers share knowing that they are part of something honourable, and worthwhile.

It is hoped that soldiers will stand proud knowing that The Rocky Mountain Rangers have played a significant role in the history of the Canadian Forces, and that their family, and friends will share in their pride.

It is also hoped that when a member of the community sees the regiment marching through town during Rememberance Day, or even walking home after training, that they'll feel pride in their soldiers, and their community, for truly The Rocky Mountain Rangers is their regiment!