”Kloshe Nanitch”

The Rocky Mountain Rangers is a Canadian Reserve Infantry unit located in Kamloops and Prince George BC.

The first “Rocky Mountain Rangers” were formed as a civilian militia to defend the west against incursions from the 1885 Northwest Rebellion and consisted of cowboys and ranchers from British Columbia and Alberta. There is, however, no official lineage between the 1885 militia unit and the current Rocky Mountain Rangers regiment; the connection is in name only. The current regiment finds its roots in the creation of independent rifle companies in the interior of British Columbia in 1898. These rifle companies were later amalgamated to form the Rocky Mountain Rangers in 1908. The regiments motto is ”Kloshe Nanitch” which in the Indigenous Chinook language means “Keep a good lookout“.

The Regiment has fought in the Boer War (1889-1902), World War I and World War II. Since World War II, the Rocky Mountain Rangers have made many significant contributions to Canadian safety at home and abroad. Domestically, Rangers are active within the community as reserve forces in the case of an emergency. In the event of a flood, fire, or other disaster, reserve units are called to service. The Battalion headquarters, Administration Company, and Rifle Company remain in Kamloops while B Company is located in Prince George BC

Globally, the Rangers have deployed as peacekeepers, have participated in conflicts in Korea, Cyprus, the former Yugoslavia, and most recently Afghanistan.